Gamer Style Arrow Keys Asteroids Old-skool Touch Screen Game Controller
Forward Thrust
Turn Left or
Turn Right or
Fire or
Drop Bomb or
Touch Controls will only appear on mobile devices.
Mouse: Your ship will turn towards the mouse cursor when "Ship follows mouse cursor" mode is enabled.
Game Controller: When the "Ship follows mouse cursor" mode is is enabled, ship will turn in the direction that L is moved.



Points are scored by...


Your ship is equipped with a shield that protects you from collisions with photons and other players. The stronger your shield, the brighter it will appear.


Asteroids move in a constant direction and cannot be destroyed. They also provide energy for your shield.

The Battlefield

The battlefield consists of a number of Sectors, which can be used to locate other players.

The Super Weapons

Team Play!

The Leaderboard

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